Couples, Family & relationship therapy

If you're feeling concerned, "stuck," or overwhelmed by a particular aspect of your relationship, you've come to the right place. I work with families, couples, and other relationship configurations in a non-judgmental, compassionate, and collaborative manner to ensure that all voices feel heard and respected. Some of the issues I work with include:  therapist



Couples & Relationship Issues

  • Communication

  • Connection 

  • Divorce and separation

  • Affairs

  • Sex therapy

  • Polyamourous relationships

Family Issues



  • Parent-child, sibling, and family relationships

  • Communication

  • Connection

  • Blended families

  • Mental health concerns, including: anxiety, depression, perfectionism, self-esteem, confidence, post-traumatic stress disorder, self-harm, grief, trauma, LGBTQ+ issues, and more.


Improved communication

Enhanced empathy

Improved problem-solving

Increased awareness

Understanding of healthy boundaries

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