COVID-19 updates

The Ontario government has deemed all businesses that provide "health services, including mental health and addictions and counselling supports" as essential services. As such, our Markham doors will remain open with strict precautions in place (see 'more important information').

In-person sessions will only be available to those who meet the following criteria: ​

  • You've been practicing strict social distancing by avoiding seeing friends and family members with whom you don't regularly come into contact 

  • You've been visiting essential stores only (i.e. grocery, laundromat, pharmacy) 

  • You've maintained a distance of 6 feet from others when you leave the house

  • You have not left the country within 14 days 

  • You have not been in contact with anyone who has been outside of Canada for 14 days

  • You are regularly engaging in the appropriate hand-washing and sanitizing practices

  • You have not been using any form of public transit, including subways, GO trains, Uber pool, and others.


We understand that not everyone has the luxury of living in a healthy, supportive home environment right now, which is why we have remained so committed to staying open. That said, we are relying all patients to take these precautions as seriously as we are. Failure to engage in the above precautions not only puts you at risk as an individual, but all other therapists, patients, and staff at the hospital. Be smart and considerate of others and remember that online sessions are always available.

Cops asking for letters

Some people have reported being pulled over by cops while driving to ensure that individuals are going to and from essential services. If you are still attending in-person sessions in Markham, please contact so she may send you a letter to confirm that you are a patient at Fresh Insight.

more important information

Different entrance at Markham office

(See below under "More Important Information")

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