About Me

 I believe in the value of allowing individuals to share their stories in safe and manageable pieces so they may feel heard and understood. Simultaneously, I help individuals examine, challenge and enhance their interpretations of themselves, others, and the world so that they may identify and challenge their own maladaptive coping. Finally, I value teaching skills that can hearten one’s ability to better serve themselves by more skillfully managing interpersonal distress.

I bring with me 20 years of experience in the treatment of presenting concerns like anxiety, depression, stress management, addictions, trauma, self esteem issues, perfectionism, communication issues, infertility, relationship conflict, infidelity, and more. A curiosity and priority pertaining to self-care practices is also woven into my work as I hope to assist people in better caring for and nurturing themselves in a variety of effective ways.

My cooperative and reverent approach is Motivational Interviewing, Dialectical Behavioural Therapy, Cognitive Processing Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. I also integrate elements of attachment theory and trauma-informed care with a consistent focus on acknowledging and accessing strengths and affirming the existence and perpetual growing of resilience.

Though I work with people from all backgrounds, I have an affinity for anti-oppressive work. As a woman of colour and multi-ethnic background, I bring with me a culturally sensitive ability to assist people in exploring oppressive and marginalized life experiences that have had lasting effects. All of the above is also infused with a very down to earth, personable and Scarborough specific essence!  


Individual, Couples, and Family Therapist
York University
Bachelor of Social Work
Bachelor of Arts with Honours, History & Sociology
University of Toronto

Kathy Avayianos Adetuyi
hello@fresh-insight.ca , (647) 689 - 5957, ext. 1

I’m passionate about supporting individuals, couples and families in improving their quality of life, overall well-being and function. I value taking a collaborative and person-centered approach that honours your unique history, thoughts, feelings, values, perspectives, goals and desires. Ultimately, I hope to create a safe and respectful connection that allows space for exploration and relevant learning.