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Healthy Breakfasts in 10 Minutes or Less

Updated: Oct 2, 2018

person making healthy breakfast recipe

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” How many times have we all heard that before? Well, there’s a reason why so many nutritionists and doctors are adamant about eating this meal; after all, the benefits of doing so have been well-researched and documented. An article in the Journal of Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, for example, highlights how eating breakfast “serves as the foundation for a pattern of eating for the day” and is associated with improved cognitive performance and feelings of well-being. How true I have found that to be in my own life! If I start the day with a sugar-filled, whipped-cream-topped waffle, I’m almost guaranteed to eat like crap for the rest of the day.

While a study by Ipsos-Reid revealed that 60% of Canadians are eating breakfast every morning (yay!), one in four people say they’ve skipped the meal as a way of saving time in the morning. (Hands up if you’ve done that yourself…)

So, whether you’re a parent with a kiddie going back to school or an employee looking to save time in the morning, check out these healthy breakfasts you can make in 5 - 10 minutes.

2 Eggs + 1 piece of whole grain toast + ½ grapefruit

  • Toast up a slice of whole grain bread and top with one or two eggs, prepared any way.

  • To save time, I suggest using this awesome double-egg poacher that you can get kitchen supply stores or sometimes grocery stores. All you need to do is crack your eggs and throw them in the microwave!

  • At around 200 calories, this quick breakfast yields about 14g of protein and almost 3g of fibre, which will help hold you over throughout the first part of your day!

Protein Pudding

  • This is an easy, awesome breakfast that I thoroughly enjoy myself! Combine one cup of plain yogurt with 1 scoop of your favourite flavoured protein powder. Mix well with a spoon until you have a pudding-like consistency. Top with 1 cup of your favourite berries and enjoy!

  • Depending on your protein powder, this recipe can pack about 23g of protein, plus you get the lovely probiotics from your plain yogurt and the antioxidants from your berries!

  • There are a TON of different flavours of protein powders out there, so play around with it! You could make a vanilla cupcake flavoured pudding or a richer chocolate one… you choose!

Quick Bean Burrito Wrap

  • Crack the whites of two eggs into a cup and mix with some milk, sea salt, and pepper. Throw it into the microwave for about 20 seconds for a super quick scramble. Scoop the egg whites into a whole wheat wrap with some black beans, avocado, salsa, and a bit of shredded cheddar cheese and voila! Breakfast is served.


  • Top 1 cup of quick oats with some hot water or heated soy milk, ½ - 1 cup of berries, cinnamon, and 10 walnuts.

  • This recipe is packed with fibre and has about 15g of protein. It also has a ton of iron and vitamin C, which is a great antioxidant!


  • I have tons of smoothie recipes, but here is one of my favourites: Throw ½ cup of kale, ½ cup of spinach, 1 banana, ½ cup of almond milk, a small cube of fresh ginger, ¼ cup of kefir, ¼ cup of oats, 1 tablespoon of flax seeds, 1 cup of water and some ice cubes into a blender. Blend and throw in a glass mason jar for an on-the-go breakfast in no time! If it’s not sweet enough for your liking, add less spinach and kale and some fresh honey to taste! You can also add 1 teaspoon of spirulina for some more nutrients! At about 260 calories, this breakfast is loaded with dietary fibre (almost 9g!) and high in micronutrients like vitamin A, vitamin C, magnesium, potassium, and B vitamins!


  • If you’re really running out the door, just throw some dry cereal in a container and pour some milk into a mason jar to stick in the fridge at work. There are a lot more healthy cereal options out now and one of my favourite brands is Nature’s Path from Whole Foods and other health food stores. Above all, however, you’re looking for a cereal that is low in sugar (5g and under is ideal, but 10g and under is okay, too) and high in fibre. Cut up a banana on top and enjoy!

Avocado toast

  • Toast a slice of 100% whole grain bread and spread half a ripe avocado on top. Top with a little bit of sea salt, pepper, and red pepper flakes. Thanks to the good fats from the avocado, you’ll be nice and full!

The Bottom Line

With the busy lives that we all lead, sometimes those extra minutes of sleep can feel more important than making breakfast! But with these quick breakfast ideas, hopefully you’ll be able to find at least 5 - 10 minutes to feed your belly (and brain!) in the morning.


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