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With rates of anxiety hitting catastrophic numbers among today's youth, the question begs to be asked: why are teens so darn anxious in the first place? And what can we do to help? 

Relying on her firsthand experience giving hundreds of hours of therapy to teens, parents, and families, Kristina Virro takes a deeper look into this unsettling phenomenon to locate some of its root causes and possible solutions. Whether you're a worried parent or frustrated teacher, this book provides practical tips and useful tools designed to reduce symptoms of anxiety in teens—and increase caregivers' ability to cope, too. 


$20 + shipping and handling 

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A mental health detox involves abstaining from participating in unhealthy habits as a way of helping your mind and spirit feel rejuvenated, decluttered, and grounded. This downloadable e-workbook gives you tips on how to detoxify from the five most common unhealthy habits I see in my private practice: people pleasing, judging your emotions, social media-related issues, unhealthy relationships, and negative self-talk. Inside, you'll learn about evidence-based interventions I use most often in session to improve your mental health.

$19.99 CAD

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