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the therapy Process

About Us

We offer psychotherapy and nutritional counselling to individuals, couples, and families. Currently, we are offering in person sessions at our office in Markham as well as online sessions depending on your preference.

Our clinic's mission statement is to inspire hope, catalyze change, and foster a sense of personal empowerment. Our values include transparency, authenticity, and inclusivity of all groups, including members of the LGBTQ2++ and BIPOC communities.


What Makes Us Unique 


Our therapists bring with them years of training and experience working with diverse populations about a number of presenting concerns, including: anxiety, depression, addictions, infertility, stress management, trauma, communication issues, infidelity, and more. 


We pride ourselves on being down-to-earth people who bring our authentic selves to each session. Additionally, we are comfortable asking the tough questions as a way of enhancing individuals' self-awareness, purpose, and coping. In other words, we do more than just listen and validate; we teach people valuable skills, techniques, and strategies when it feels helpful to do so.


Simultaneously, we value working collaboratively. We know our stuff, but we also know that you bring a ton of strengths to the table and know that no one knows you better than you know yourself. 


How Does the Process Work? 

For Psychotherapy:

1. We will need your first name, last name, and email address to create an online file for you. (We use a platform called Jane that is specifically designed for health professionals and is thus very secure.)


2. Once this online file is created, you will be emailed three forms that can all be signed electronically:

  • Terms of Service Agreement 

  • A short intake form

  • A welcome email that contains helpful links (i.e. how to get to our offices, what to do upon your arrival, how to submit your receipts to insurance, etc.) 


3. Now that your online file has been created, you and your therapist will book a session at your preferred time, date, and location (or online).

4. At the initial session, your therapist will ask you a series of structured questions that are designed to "get up to speed" about your life—how you spend your days, who's in your support network, and more. Your therapist will also inquire about what brings you to therapy at this time and what goals you might have. 

5. Your therapist's schedule permitting, you can attend therapy as frequently as you'd like. Most people begin therapy coming once a week, though they might decrease the frequency of their sessions once they are feeling as though they are better able to cope with whatever brought them in. Eventually, some people come once a month for check-ins about their mental health if they find this useful. 

For Nutritional Counselling:

1. We will need your first name, last name, and email address to create an online file for you. (We use a platform called Jane that is specifically designed for health professionals and is thus very secure.)

2. You will be sent Terms of Service agreement to review and sign electronically.

3. You will be emailed two forms:

  • A Comprehensive Health Questionnaire, which asks for detailed information about  your health history, goals, and lifestyle

  • A Food Journal to complete for a minimum of five days, where you will write down everything you ingest over the course of that time period 

4. You will email your nutritional counsellor your completed forms via email. From there, they will create customized recommendations based on your goals, lifestyle, and preferences as well as a sample three-day meal plan that incorporates said recommendations. Please note that we do not do intensive meal plans. 

5. You and your nutritional counsellor will book a 50-minute session (either in-person or online) to go through these customized recommendations together. 

6. You may choose to book a nutrition follow-up. These 20-minute sessions allow you and your nutritional counsellor to talk about your progress and/or struggles, as well as areas where you might need additional support or guidance.

Pricing, Payment, and Insurance

• Psychotherapy sessions are offered in 50- or 80-minute intervals at a rate of $175 + HST or $240 + HST, respectively.

• Payment occurs at the end of the session via credit card. You will be emailed a receipt at the end of each session, which contains all of the information that your insurance provider requires). 

• We do not do direct billing. You will pay out of pocket at the end of your session and then submit your receipt to your insurance provider, if applicable, and then be reimbursed. The only exception to this is if your insurance provider is Blue Cross as we do submit claims on your behalf in this case. 

Helpful Links

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• Click here for our FAQ page 

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