mission statement

My mission is to see the whole you. I look at how all the different parts of your life shape who you are, from your innermost beliefs about yourself and relationships with others to your eating and lifestyle habits. My goal is to catalyze change, inspire hope, and empower you to live your fullest life.


Authenticity. There's only one you in this world, and I want everyone to have the pleasure of getting to know that.



Transparency. We can only live authentically when we are open and honest—with ourselves and others.



Inclusivity. I welcome individuals of various genders, sexual orientations, races, ethnicities, and abilities into my practice. Through taking an anti-oppressive approach, I recognize that present-day marginalization occurs and work to mitigate its effects and equalize power imbalances around me. 



Self-awareness. Knowledge is power. Knowing our strengths, triggers, and growth opportunities give us the power to have more control of how we want to live our lives.


Empowerment. It's when we know why we're making healthier decisions that we can make lasting change.


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