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ADHD Resources

Thank you so much for attending my online talk! I am so passionate about all things related to mental health and nutrition and love any opportunity to share this passion with others.


I've created an e-book that summarizes the relationship between anxiety and the nervous system, while providing my favourite tried-and-tested techniques for activating your body's natural "rest and digest" response!

Reading Comic Book

Here is a list of psychiatrists who have experience working with ADHD. Please note that we are unsure if they have a waitlist at this time (and how long it might be), nor do we know if they are offering in-person and/or virtual sessions.


Feel free to let your psychiatrist know that you were referred by Fresh Insight!

In case it's helpful:

  • Psychotherapists are unable to make any official diagnosis for any mental health issue

  • Psychologists are able to make formal diagnoses without prescribing medication

  • Psychiatrists can both make diagnoses and prescribe medication. Psychiatrists are the only mental health professionals of this list that are covered by OHIP.

Other Resources:

  • Your Brain's Not Broken book (Amazon)

  • To book an appointment with our nutritionist to learn about lifestyle & nutritional strategies that have the potential to improve symptoms of ADHD, please contact

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