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ELLE Canada

A First-Timer's Guide to Sexting

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5 Words and Phrases to Ban From Your Vocabulary to Improve Your Mental Health

Divorce Magazine

3 Tips for Co-Parenting an Anxious Teen After Divorce

Your Teen Magazine

Healthy Eating for Teens: Squeeze More Nutrients Into Their Diet

IMPACT Magazine

Food vs. Mood


5 Things Your Child Should Be Able to Do in the Kitchen

Canadian Living

Confessions of a Couples' Counsellor: 3 Tips to Improve Your Relationship

Vitality Magazine

The Link Between Food & Mood: Help for Anxiety and Insomnia

Cells for Life

Stress Management Techniques

Tube Microphone in Studio

TV, Radio & Podcasts

We're Totally Not Okay Podcast
Skylar Media: Bird's Eye View
Emotional Eating & Stress Reduction During COVID-19
The Quick & The Dirty Podcast

Food & Sex

The After30 Pocast

Online course mentioned in "Fertility and the Whole Person" episode


Becoming a Psychotherapist

Live (Past)
Guelph Politico

Mental Health & Campus Suicides

The Larry Fedoruk Show

The Intersection Between Food & Mood

live (past)
What She Said Radio Show

Anxious Teenagers

What She Said Radio

Emotional Eating & What You Can Do About It

What She Said Radio

The Importance of Gut Health


Dealing With an Anxious Teen

Sauga 960AM "The Rush Hour"

Talking to Anxious Teenagers

Live (past)
Tube Microphone in Studio

Public Speaking & teaching

Holy Trinity School 
Perfectionism (Grade Four Students) (2019)
YVO Webinars 
Four-Part Webinar Series on the Link Between Food & Mood
Markham Fertility Centre
Enhancing Fertility Through Nutrition & Stress Reduction Strategies (2019 - present)
Holy Trinity School

Nutrition & Mental Health (Grade 12 Students) (2019)

Bill Crothers Secondary School

Identity (Grade 12 Students) (2019)

University of Guelph

Mental Health & Food (Voluntary Attendance) (2018)

Medical Psychotherapy Association Canada

Keynote Speaker: Mental Health & Nutrition (2019)

Goodness Me!

Educational health talks on a variety of subjects (2018 - present)

Nature's Emporium 

Educational health talks on a variety of subjects (2018 - present)

Canadian School of Natural Nutrition

Guest teacher for practicums and webinars on a variety of topics (2019 - present)

Victoria Angel Registry of Hope

Guest speaker at charity event - "Stabilizing Blood Sugar" (2018)

Elmwood Spa

Mental Health Expert for Instagram Live Series: Coping Through COVID-19