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Individual Therapy

Our experienced therapists provide a compassionate and confidential space for you to explore challenges, gain insights, and develop practical tools to navigate life's complexities.

$175 + HST/50-minute session 

$240 + HST/80-minute session

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Couples Therapy

Whether you're seeking to strengthen your relationship, reignite your connection, or navigate relational hurtles and conflicts, we're here to guide you towards healthier connections.

$200 + HST/50-minute session 

$275 + HST/80-minute session

Family Picnic

Family Therapy

Using a collaborative and supportive approach, our skilled therapists specialize in fostering open communication, resolving conflicts, and strengthening family bonds. 

$200+ HST/50-minute session 

$275 + HST/80-minute session

Fruits and Vegetables

Nutritional Counselling

Locate the root cause of your symptoms and discuss how food, supplements, and lifestyle changes can improve your quality of life. We have experience working with folks navigating diabetes, hormonal issues, weight management, mental health concerns, and more. 

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Work with an experienced clinician in a safe space using one of the leading forms of treatment for trauma and PTSD according to the World Health Organization.

$175 + HST/50-minute session 

$240 + HST/80-minute session

Relaxing in Park


Our skilled practitioners utilize the power of focused relaxation to positively change your emotional state and access unconscious thoughts and beliefs that are sustaining unwanted behaviour. 

$175+ HST/50-minute session 

$240 + HST/80-minute session

Business Conference

Public Speaking

Fresh Insight's CEO & Founder, Kristina Virro, has experience speaking at schools, conferences, corporations, and businesses to help students, employees, and/or staff learn strategies and tools to support their mental and physical wellness. Rates vary; please email

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