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Befriending Your Nervous System

Thank you so much for attending my online talk! I am so passionate about all things related to mental health and nutrition and love any opportunity to share this passion with others.


I've created an e-book that summarizes the relationship between anxiety and the nervous system, while providing my favourite tried-and-tested techniques for activating your body's natural "rest and digest" response!

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As an extra 'thank you,' you can use the promo code 'NERVOUSSYSTEM' to receive 15% off my online "Mental Health Detox" workbook, which is regularly $19.99. In this workbook, you'll receive research-based tips on how to detoxify from the five most common unhealthy habits I see in my practice: people pleasing, judging your emotions, social media-related issues, unhealthy relationships, and negative self-talk! 

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