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About Me

My interest in nutrition started in my early teens when I often wondered about the relationship between food, physical wellbeing, and mental health. Additionally, losing my father to type II diabetes when he was just 48 years old sparked an interest in learning about how nutrition and lifestyle changes can improve symptoms of disease—or prevent them altogether. This interest turned into a passion that I decided to combine with formal knowledge by becoming a registered holistic nutritionist.

I have experience helping people improve symptoms related to: weight loss, hormonal health, infertility, type I and type II diabetes, thyroid conditions, allergies, cardiovascular disease, insulin resistance, detoxification, and other conditions

As a nutritionist, I strongly believe in and adhere to a collaborative yet individualized approach. This framework allows me to understand clients on an in-depth level and create personalized and holistic-centred programs that adapt to their goals, lifestyle, habits, and needs. I have experience creating, testing, and recommending healthy, nutritious recipes that are tailored to the needs of each person with whom I work. 


Finally, I'm passionate about staying up-to-date with the most recent, evidence-based practices and am constantly upgrading my knowledge by attending advanced courses and conferences, reading recently-published research, and attending external programs created by other academics within the nutritional community. I have also completed a program in Human Resources and training practices at University of Leicester in the United Kingdom.


Registered Holistic Nutritionist
Canadian School of Natural Nutrition
Human Resources 

University of Leicester (United Kingdom)
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Selma Redzepagic

As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, I'm passionate about getting to the root cause of symptoms rather than finding temporary band-aid solutions. I am passionate about staying up-to-date about the most recent evidence-based interventions and bring my enthusiasm for all things health to every session. 

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