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I'm honoured that you're interested in working together! My name is Kristina Virro and I'm passionate about facilitating real, no-bullshit conversations about mental health to help people feel more empowered and reduce stigma. I honour this mission by providing psychotherapy at my private practice, facilitating wellness seminars, and sharing my expertise in the media.

Known for my compassionate yet straight-shooter approach, I value incorporating effective, evidence-based strategies into everything I do and using my deep intuition and emotional intelligence to get to the root of issues. 


I hold a Master's Degree in psychotherapy and an Honours Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology from one of the most reputable universities in the world, the University of Toronto.

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My Story

Before I was a therapist, I worked as a journalist on a number of projects, from movie productions and TV segments to newspaper articles and music videos. Eventually, I was assigned to work on a documentary film about prescription drug abuse and was conducting in-depth interviews with people across North America. It was during this time that I learned that people seem to be comfortable opening up to me, but the idea of learning about a problem without helping those affected didn't sit right.

And so, back to school I went to obtain the education and expertise I needed to provide the highest-quality care to people looking to better themselves. 

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