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Garrah Parkes
She/Her , (647) 689 - 5957, ext. 0

Garrah is traditionally your first point of contact, either on the phone or by email, working behind the scenes, providing compassionate and dedicated care as Fresh Insight's Intake Coordinator. With a background in nursing, she is committed to helping individuals on their path to mental wellness. She works to ensure that every individual, couple or family who reaches out to our clinic receives the support and guidance they need to begin their journey toward improved mental health. 

About Garrah

As a strong advocate for mental health and wellness, Garrah understands the importance of providing our clients with a safe and nonjudgmental environment. In addition, she utilizes her business background to support patients with billing or booking questions throughout their journey at Fresh Insight and provides insight into helping the team create support groups, educational opportunities and beyond. 

Garrah is genuinely honoured to be part of the Fresh Insight team, working alongside an incredible group of compassionate and educated psychotherapists and holistic nutritionists, assisting patients to improve their wellness and live authentic, happy, healthy lives.

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