Food, Feelings 
& Fertility

ONLINE COURSE: November 1 - 29, 2021 

For those who dream of starting a family, doctor's visits, fertility tests, and procedures are seldom part of the picture. 

And yet, roughly 1 in 6 couples experience infertility in Canada, defined by the inability to achieve a clinical pregnancy after 12 or more months of regular unprotected sex. Despite how common infertility has become, feelings of shame and secrecy continue to surround the diagnosis. As such, we've developed this online course to help you feel supported through your journey. 



  • Enjoy sessions online from the comfort of your own home

  • Learn stress management techniques 

  • Communication tips to improve relationships with partners, family, and friends

  • Evidence-based nutrition factors to enhance fertility naturally

  • Gain tools to move through difficult emotions 

  • LIVE weekly sessions held over 5 weeks

  • Multiple convenient times to best suit your schedule



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Patients of Markham Fertility Centre: contact your doctor for a promo code to receive the course for free thanks to Ferring.


November 1, 2021
12pm or 7pm

 Using Nutrition to Enhance Fertility

Learn about:

  • How and why one's diet affects fertility 

  • Foods that decrease egg and sperm quality

  • Nutrients and foods that enhance egg quality in women 

  • Nutrients and foods that support sperm quality & quantity

  • Supplements that can help 

  • Evidence for and against various popular diets (i.e. paleo, keto, etc.

  • Lifestyle habits to avoid 


November 8, 2021
12pm or 7pm

Infertility: Moving Through Grief in Disguise

Learn about: 

  • The connection between infertility complicated grief—and why this matters

  • Healthy techniques and strategies to help you cope with loss(es

  • How to find meaning through hardship  

  • Responses to grief that promote and delay healing, according to research 


November 15, 2021
12pm or 7pm

Navigating Friendships and Family Dynamics Amidst Infertility

Learn about:  

  • Assertive communication skills 

  • How to set healthy boundaries 

  • Tips on how to respond to invasive, awkward, challenging, or ignorant comments and questions 

  • Positive ways to work through anger, jealousy, and more


November 22, 2021 
12pm or 7pm

Staying Connected During Crisis

Learn about:


  • How to maintain intimacy with your partner through fertility treatments

  • Communication techniques that connect 

  • The 5 most common communication mistakes among unhappy couples

  • Tips to process grief and obstacles as a team  


November 29, 2021 
12pm or 7pm

Processing and Moving Through Difficult Emotions

​At the end of this module, participants will have learned:


  • What neuroscience can teach us about anxiety and stress 

  • Tools to facilitate self-compassion 

  • The impact of shame and guilt and how to decrease negative self-talk

  • Cognitive-behavioural strategies aimed to change thought patterns in healthy ways

  • Body-based exercises that encourage feelings of safety and calm

  • Mindfulness-based stress reduction strategies 

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Will I get a copy of the presentation afterwards?

While you will not receive a copy of the PowerPoint presentation itself, you will be sent a document that summarizes the content from the module. We kindly ask that you do not send this to anyone who did not register for the course.

Is there a refund policy?

Due to the digital nature of this course, refunds will not be issued.

What if I can't make any of the dates or times for one of the modules?

Please email for what can be done if you're unable to make either the evening or afternoon time slot for a module.

Is this course covered by insurance?

Given that there is a group therapy component of this course, you may be able to receive insurance coverage for each module. Check with your insurance provider about the specifics of your plan. You will need coverage for Registered Psychotherapy. You may also want to inquire about the dollar amount that your plan allocates to psychotherapy services. Should you have insurance coverage, email so you may receive an invoice that may be submitted to your benefits provider.


Research shows support for the efficacy of group therapy when it comes to improving the general health of those struggling with infertility1. As such, a portion of each module will be dedicated to providing attendees with the opportunity to share their personal experiences with infertility. This can be done via video within the webinar or through the chat feature. 

1  2016. Najmeh, A et al. Global Journal of Health Science. “The effectiveness of mindfulness-based cognitive group therapy on martial satisfaction and general health in women with infertility.”