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Products That Make Working From Home More Bearable

There's an expression that says, "Messy bed, messy head," which refers to the impact that our environment can have on our wellbeing. I'm someone who wholeheartedly understands this expression. I thrive in a workspace and home that is clean and organized yet cozy, too.

So, today I bring you the products that have helped me create a positive work-from-home environment. Share what's helped improve YOUR work-from-home situation in the comments below!

  1. The Ember 2 Travel Mug

Okay, this is one of the bougiest things I own, but I have used this every single day since I received it as a gift on Valentine's Day. (I'm not kidding, there has not been a single day where I haven't used this mug 😳.)

The Ember 2 Travel Mug is a smart mug that keeps your beverages at whatever temperature you wish for up to three hours. Before I started using this mug, I was going to to and from the microwave 5 - 6 times a day to re-heat my tea so that it would be enjoyable. Now I can take my time enjoying it and not fear that my Tim Horton's cup will start a fire in the microwave 🙃.

A couple things to note:

- Even though I'm obsessed with this mug, it 100% doesn't last three hours. I'd say it lasts for about two hours at the absolute maximum, which is kind of annoying given how expensive it is. That said, you can always buy more charging docks (or be like me and carry one around like it's your most prized possession).

- It would be nice if the temperature went a bit higher than 62.5ºC in my opinion, though it's still nice and hot.

- I wish you could get a size that was a bit bigger. This one holds a small tea from Tim Horton's perfectly.

- This travel mug is one of their most expensive models. You can get the regular Smart Mug for a cheaper price (currently about $163 CAD on Ember's website). That said, given that I use it every day, I'm definitely getting my money's worth!

2. Webcam covers

These webcam covers are super cheap but they get the job done! All you do is stick it over your laptop's camera and slide it from side to side to either show or conceal the camera. It's amazing how much peace of mind these little things give me!

3. Adhesive cable clips

Sometimes it's the most simple of purchases that make a big difference. This 10-pack of adhesive wire holders ensure that you're not constantly looking for your cables when you're rushing to get onto your morning Zoom meeting.

4. Blue light blocking glasses

I remember getting headaches when I started doing virtual sessions—something that's unusual for me as someone who never gets headaches! When I started using these blue light blocking glasses, the headaches vanished! The benefits of blue light blocking glasses are numerous. From easing digital eye strain to increasing the clarity of your vision, they're a necessary product in this digital age.

5. Apple's "Chill" Radio Station

I like having music on while I work, though it can't be something that will divert my attention and have me singing along! Apple's "Chill" radio station includes songs with a bit of a beat and vocals without being too distracting.

6. A portable seat warmer

Anyone who knows me knows I'm literally cold all. the. time. If a space heater won't suffice—or if you're still working in an office but they don't allow space heaters—this plug-in seat warmer will be your best friend. This is one of the more affordable options, but it's super effective.

7. Comfy clothes that don't make you look like a caveman

If there was a clothing brand that was seriously meant for COVID, it is Knix. Honestly, stepping into this loungewear set is like stepping into a cloud of coziness and joy. The moment you've been enveloped by this unfathomably soft fabric, you will never want to put on another outfit in your life. What's more is that it somehow looks cute!? You could even wear the top during a Zoom call (if you work in a casual workplace) and no one would know you're basically wearing pyjamas. You can buy the whole "Cozzzy Loungewear Set," which includes pants, a top, and a long cardigan, or you can buy items individually.

8. The reMarkable or the Apple iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil

These are both pricier items, but I can't tell you how helpful they are.

The reMarkable is a digital notepad that mimics the feel of paper. Using its digital pencil, you can take notes, read documents, and more, and everything is