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If you're feeling stuck, a little fresh insight can help.

It's easy for our self-talk, habits, and relationship dynamics to become automatic or "normal" to us, even if they aren't supporting our health or well-being. Our work is all about helping you consider different ways of looking at things to see if there's a healthier choice. We also don't want you to have to rely on a therapist or nutritionist forever, which is why we focus on three main factors that create lasting change: education, developing awareness, and learning new skills and tools.


One-on-one therapy on issues like anxiety, depression, stress, self esteem, eating disorders, and more. All ages welcome.

couples & Family

Therapy between partners for communication, infertility, intimacy, marital affairs, and more + support for parents, children, and siblings. All ages welcome.

Wellness Seminars

Seminars and workshops designed to help your team feel more energized, connected, and supported. 

Nutritional counselling

One-on-one coaching on how nutrition can play a role in managing mental health concerns, feeling more energetic, losing weight, and more.

Support Groups

Learn tools to help enhance your quality of life while connecting with a group of like-minded, supportive individuals.

Enjoying the Nature

Your health is the

best investment

you can ever make. 

Therapy Sessions

We have experience supporting people with:


Self Esteem





Life Transitions

Our Clinic

Fresh Insight is a multi-disciplinary, wellness-centric company with a respected reputation of providing counselling and education to every person seeking services including individuals, couples, families, and community health professional and businesses. 

We have been voted one of the best businesses in Canada by the Canadian Business Review Board in 2021 and have been listed as one of the best mental health clinics in Markham on Three Best Rated. We are committed to continuing to providing exemplary care to those in our community.

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Our Approach

We value asking thought-provoking questions to help you see things from different perspectives and unearth new resources and skills. While working collaboratively, we also use interventions that are tailored to each unique person's needs, goals, and preferences.

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